About Me

I'm a Front-End Designer and Developer based out of Seattle. On my site, you can take a look at my history and some examples of what I've done, as well as links to other places on the web where my work can be found.

I've been using computers for as long as I can remember, and creating websites since I had a place to put them. I love it when my work can get out in front of people and really make a difference, and I don't shy away from users. I love solving a tricky UX problem just as much as an algorithmic one.

About latrani.net

My site name is taken from Canis latrans, the scientific name of the coyote, an animal that has long struck me as a great inspiration. Coyotes are one of the most adaptable species in the world, found in environments as urban as Central Park and downtown Chicago. In First Nations myths, Coyote is responsible for everything from arranging the stars in the sky to giving fire to humanity. To me, the coyote represents flexibility, and the drive to both design and improve the world.